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Powerless in despair,

Lost in unbearable pain,

Staring at the empty chair…

Is there anyone who cares?
White ceiling, green walls;

Out the window the rain falls;

The waves hit the shores 

And I lose myslef in thoughts …
Sleepless til the wee hours,

Questing after missing power,

Extra bitter and sour

withering like a cut flower…
Despair breaks my spirit,

A Smile seems a privilege.

Here I’m just a digit

Forgetting my everyday image.
Copyright by Anna E.R. Walczak






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The power is in his hands;

we, ourselves, have put it there,

in hope for a better change

we gave away our freedom.


The truth is what he says,

he puts our lives in chains

and in silence we accept

to be slaves in his kingdom.


The future is our past,

the present doesn’t last,

a spell of war is cast

and there is hope no more..


Either you follow or you fall,

there is no other choice;

hit your head against the wall;

this is 1984!



Copyright Anna E. R. Walczak


Somewhere at the Baltic Sea


Inspired by current events and George Orwell’s novel.

A toy-girl

You were different to me than you are to her…

You stuck around for a while but you didn’t care;

you promised me things you didn’t mean to do

and I lived in that dream, so false, of me and you.

You threw me away like an old pair of gloves.

The funny thing: I don’t feel that I’ve lost.

You disappeared without saying ‘goodbye’

and there wasn’t a single tear in my eye.

I didn’t miss you, I didn’t think of you at all

until the next time you came back, asking for more.

I didn’t trust you, I couldn’t rely on your word…

You said you loved me and would wait for me until I know

that we are made for each other, and are meant to be

but I couldn’t see any future for you and me.

And now you are with somebody else…

Little time has passed but you’ve changed.

Or perhaps this girl deserves the different you

and I was just a girl to play with, a toy, a fool…




Copyright by Anna E. R. Walczak

Somewhere on the Baltic Sea




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Gdy ogień trzaska w kominie,

a wiatr cicho dudni za oknem;

pod ciepłym kocem przy winie

zalewa mnie fala wspomnień.


Jak w kącie za piecem skulona

bez szmeru, cichutko, bezgłośnie,

w tę postać jestem wpatrzona

co w kuchni pląsa radośnie.


Jak ręce jej zgrabne i białe

tak lekko i zwinnie wciąż tkają,

te nitki z mąki i jajek

co w garnku się zmienią w makaron.


Jak rankiem jej głos mnie budzi,

gdy z łóżka już pora wstać;

radosną piosenkę mi nuci,

że koniom czas wody dać.


Te chwile spędzone w ogrodzie,

gdy ona pieli wśród grządek…

a ja z sokiem wiśniowym na brodzie

na drzewach robię porządek.


I szukam w kurniku jajek,

i króliki karmię w klatkach,

a wieczorem słucham bajek

o księżniczkach, rycerzach, zamkach…


Jesienią orzechy zbieram

co z drzewa spadły na dach,

a zimą mnie ciepło ubiera

i na sanki gnamy za las.


A wieczorem gdy zmrok zapada

przy kakao siadamy na sofie

i ze zdjęć w starych szufladach

układamy rodzinne historie.


I choć czas nam tak cenny ucieka

i siwizną przyprószony już włos

to najdroższe są mi te wspomnienia:

babci uśmiech, makaron i głos.



Copyright Anna E.R. Walczak


Morze Bałtyckie

Najukochańszej babci Róży.


Wrinkled and grey

is the skin on her hand,

slim fingers so cold

trembling in the air

when she reaches to hold

my hand inside hers.


The despair and the pain

running through her veins,

her eyes so blurred and weak

as she tries to focus her gaze

and whispers: “I’m sorry, my dear”

then turns away her face.


A tear manages to escape

my eye while my heart breaks

as I realize that she is sorry for

everything she’s done and said

over the years…but she will no more…

and I forgive as she takes her last breath…



Copyright by Anna E. R. Walczak

Somewhere in the Northern Poland


In memory of my grandmother Halina, who has just passed away. Rest in peace, Grandma.

The Ending

img_6871Can you see the light in my eyes?

Is it still there hidden under the pain?

Can you see the smile under all the tears that I’ve cried?

Has it faded? Are you searching in vain?


Are you questioning my right mind?

Because of all the mean things that I say to you?

Are you still trying to find ME inside?

Are you not able to accept the stark truth…?


There is a pain where once was the light;

The body has crumbled with years that I’ve had;

My lips are now moaning, you won’t find a smile;

One thing awaits me… the ending, the death.




Copyright by Anna E. R. Walczak

Baltic Sea, 12th of November 2016

One Night


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I’m watching you:

Run your fingers over the strings,

Play the tune and move your hips,

Smile at me and bite your lips.


I’m meeting you

Up the top of the steps after the show;

You slip a key into my hand and I know:

Tonight’s gonna happen what we both want.


I’m waiting for you

In your dark hotel room – my salvation;

Feeling rising desire and temptation.

You open the door and hug me, impatient.


I’m kissing you,

Touching your smooth, naked skin;

Running my fingers over your dark hair and beard;

Convincing myself it’s the reality, not a dream.


I’m lying on the bed

Admiring your perfect body next to me;

Listening how you calmly breath:

Satisfied, happy and fulfilled.


I’m leaving the room

Kissing your sweet lips goodbye,

Devouring your smile with my eyes,

Wondering… Will there be another time?



Copyright by Anna E. R. Walczak

Greater Poland, 12th (5th) of July 2015


The Bucket List


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Before I die

there are so many things I want to try,

so many places I want to see

before there is nothing left of me.


Before I go away

I want the world to remember my name

at least for a while for things that I did,

to become a part of the human’s history.


Before I close my eyes

I want to climb high and dive

into the void of a frozen abyss,

feel my lungs burn when I scream.


Before I take my last breath

I want to save a life or truly help

someone who needs it the most

before I become a ghost.


Before I see the end

whatever is broken I want to mend;

out of scattered pieces make the whole

before I forever go.


Before I turn into dust

I want to be loved and love at last,

to give a life, a new energy thread

before I am dead.




Copyright Anna E.R. Walczak


Baltic Sea



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Ayer me despertó tu voz tan dulce

Cuando susurraste ´buen día´a mi oido.

Hoy me he despertado sola

Luchando con mi dolor, buscando el olvido.

Ayer me amaste y prometiste estar

a mi lado hasta que el mundo acabe.

Hoy estoy segura de que

el futuro o el mañana nunca se sabe.

Ayer tu sonrisa radiante

me alimentaba el corazón destrozado.

Hoy ya no me queda nada

para alimentar porque tú me has dejado.





Copyright Anna E.R. Walczak


El Mar Báltico