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Before I die

there are so many things I want to try,

so many places I want to see

before there is nothing left of me.


Before I go away

I want the world to remember my name

at least for a while for things that I did,

to become a part of the human’s history.


Before I close my eyes

I want to climb high and dive

into the void of a frozen abyss,

feel my lungs burn when I scream.


Before I take my last breath

I want to save a life or truly help

someone who needs it the most

before I become a ghost.


Before I see the end

whatever is broken I want to mend;

out of scattered pieces make the whole

before I forever go.


Before I turn into dust

I want to be loved and love at last,

to give a life, a new energy thread

before I am dead.




Copyright Anna E.R. Walczak


Baltic Sea