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I’m watching you:

Run your fingers over the strings,

Play the tune and move your hips,

Smile at me and bite your lips.


I’m meeting you

Up the top of the steps after the show;

You slip a key into my hand and I know:

Tonight’s gonna happen what we both want.


I’m waiting for you

In your dark hotel room – my salvation;

Feeling rising desire and temptation.

You open the door and hug me, impatient.


I’m kissing you,

Touching your smooth, naked skin;

Running my fingers over your dark hair and beard;

Convincing myself it’s the reality, not a dream.


I’m lying on the bed

Admiring your perfect body next to me;

Listening how you calmly breath:

Satisfied, happy and fulfilled.


I’m leaving the room

Kissing your sweet lips goodbye,

Devouring your smile with my eyes,

Wondering… Will there be another time?



Copyright by Anna E. R. Walczak

Greater Poland, 12th (5th) of July 2015