You were different to me than you are to her…

You stuck around for a while but you didn’t care;

you promised me things you didn’t mean to do

and I lived in that dream, so false, of me and you.

You threw me away like an old pair of gloves.

The funny thing: I don’t feel that I’ve lost.

You disappeared without saying ‘goodbye’

and there wasn’t a single tear in my eye.

I didn’t miss you, I didn’t think of you at all

until the next time you came back, asking for more.

I didn’t trust you, I couldn’t rely on your word…

You said you loved me and would wait for me until I know

that we are made for each other, and are meant to be

but I couldn’t see any future for you and me.

And now you are with somebody else…

Little time has passed but you’ve changed.

Or perhaps this girl deserves the different you

and I was just a girl to play with, a toy, a fool…




Copyright by Anna E. R. Walczak

Somewhere on the Baltic Sea