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Wiesz ile warta jest moja miłość do ciebie?

Jedną łzę i światło wszystkich gwiazd na niebie.

Wiesz ile smutku jest w oczach moich i radości?

Tyle co od dzisiaj do nieskończoności.

Wiesz ile moje serce może znieść cierpienia?

Niewyobrażalną ilość aż do ostatniego tchnienia.



Copyright Anna E.R. Walczak


Morze Bałtyckie


Words V

Words can cause pain

eveyone knows that well.

Become immune to them

and you’ll never get hurt again.



Copyright Anna E.R. Walczak


Baltic Sea



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You believe you can mend my broken heart

but there are pieces missing, nowhere to be found.

You think you can teach me how to trust again

but I have been lied to too many times by men.

You tell me you’ll wait for me to come around

but with a soul so battered it’s a waste of time.

You say you’ll love me and forever be

and I am not sure if I know what that means…






Copyright by Anna E.R. Walczak


Baltic Sea

The time


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The time stood still

A single fly hovered in the air

Your eyes were focused on me

with fading love and friendly care…


The time has stopped

for the two of us at that moment

A tear that escaped my eye froze

I have never felt so lonely.


The time was away

Eternity has fallen upon us

to witness what you had to say

to see my heart turn cold as ice.


The time was somewhere else

It didn’t come back to see

how in that very crowed place

you ceased to believe in me.




Copyright Anna E.R. Walczak


Baltic Sea

A poem


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I wrote you a poem

Such an unfashionable thing.

I couldn’t help it

Those words were choking me.

I wrote it last year

To keep the memory alive

And share it with you

Just like we shared that night of July…

I’m afraid to send it

What would you think of me?

It’s so uninspired

As if one poem could change destiny.




Copyright Anna E.R. Walczak


Baltic Sea